Lightning Fast, Global Scale Authorization Service

Seamlessly manage user roles, rights, and fine grained permissions, without the overhead of yet another modeling language.

Authorization as a Service 🔥

Welcome to a world where access control doesn’t have to take your focus away from building  your SaaS product.

It’s simple, it’s secure, and it scales with you. Whether you’re launching the next big thing or scaling an enterprise, Sentium helps you keeps it safe, without the headache.

Redefine Access Control for

Modern SaaS Products

Works with any authentication provider

Keep your existing authentication layer and plug in our scalable authorisation layer.

Works with any programming language

Checking access is a single request to our low latency blazing fast REST and gRPC APIs.

Zero trust authorisation model for your modern SaaS products

Secure your apps with a zero-trust, least privilege model.

Fine grained access control (FGA) for global scale

Don’t depend on user roles to infer permissions or be limited by scalability, define what your users can access with granular permissions that scales.

Complex authorisation code made simple, flexible & scalable

Avoid human errors with difficult to read authorisation code, let our Authorisation as s Service make it simpler, flexible and scalable.

Reverse lookups, not just authorisation checks

Whether it’s to list resources your users have access to or to list users that have access to a resource, we’ve got you covered.

Zero to Hero: Permissions in No Time

A game-changer in access control that catapults your application’s security from complex to conquered in moments. Sentium is the secret weapon for CTOs and development teams who value time as their most critical asset.

Unprecedented Flexibility for Fast-Paced Development

Spend your valuable time building your product, let us worry about maintaining your access control infrastructure.

Fine-Grained Permissions: Manage access with precision down to the smallest detail.

Scalable Architecture: Effortlessly grows with your application’s user base.

Dynamic Updates: Apply changes to permissions in real time, without downtime.

Blazing Fast Speed: Authorisation decisions are made in a split second using our low latency infrastructure.

Dev Team Productivity, Unlocked.

With our plug-and-play solution, forget about the deep dive into access control and having to unpick details from the Google Zanzibar paper. Instead, enjoy swift integration, immediate impact, and more room to innovate. Sentium turns access control from a time sink to a time saver, letting you focus on what truly matters—building great products. Simplify your security, speed up your launch, and secure your application’s future, all in one smart move with Sentium.

Using Sentium For Permissions 👍

Can be implemented in days

Frees up your tech team’s time

Built securely by Auth experts

Zero maintenance for you, we handle it all

Full global scalability

Building Permissions Yourself 👎

Takes months to build properly

Consumes your tech team’s time

Plenty of room for critical errors

Requires maintenance

Often needs changes as you scale

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